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L.A has one of the hottest graffiti scenes, everywhere you go in Las Angeles you will most defiantly come across graffiti. L.A is a very modern city, its known for its celebrity status and all the celebrities who live there. However it is also known for its graffiti scene. Why not explore the option of having a street artist transform your or kids room’s walls into their own personal space?

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Wallpaper Mural Paint ink splatter, stains set. Splash of paints with drops. High level of tracing and many details. Illustration splash and drip design. Monochrome drip splash, splat messy inkblot. Vector #F383650374
Wallpaper Mural Grunge stencil frames. Set of hand drawn spray paint frames and text banners. Brush splash abstract rectangular stencil border. Isolated vector icons set #F383167201
Wallpaper Mural A set of black spots of paint. Vector illustration #F280237586
Wallpaper Mural set of grunge black paint, ink brush strokes. brush collection isolated on white background. Trendy brush stroke for black ink paint,grunge backdrop, dirt banner,watercolor design and dirty texture. #F327705563
Wallpaper Mural Black paint stencil with splashes. Ink brush strokes, art composition. Dirty artistic design elements, boxes, frames for text. Inked splatter dirt stain brushes with drops blots. Vector set #F340748898
Wallpaper Mural Brush strokes, black ink lines, vector abstract set with paint brush grunge texture on white background. Paintbrush strokes and ink smear stains #F330372973
Wallpaper Mural Speech bubble set Vector #F383260236
Wallpaper Mural Winter cartoon vector doodle designs set. #F379362617
Wallpaper Mural Ink splashes stencil very detailed collection. High quality manually traced. Black inked splatter dirt stain splattered spray splash with drops blots. Isolated Silhouettes dirty liquid vector grunge #F299215533
Wallpaper Mural Dry paint stains brush stroke backgrounds set. Dirty artistic vector design elements, boxes, frames for text, labels, logo. Hipster stickers, paintbrush grunge stamp label backgrounds, circle frames. #F330514853
Wallpaper Mural Diverse set of black paint, great elaboration, spray graffiti stencil template ink brush strokes, brushes, lines. Ink splashes stencil. High quality manually traced. Vector collection #F341465810
Wallpaper Mural Black watercolor brush set for your design, vector. #F298457350
Wallpaper Mural multicolored graffiti panoramic #F381702891
Wallpaper Mural Sukkot text design, Feast of tabernacle sign cartoon graphic vector #F383454650
Wallpaper Mural Set of grunge textures #F218217642
Wallpaper Mural Skate park with ramps in tropical city. Vector cartoon cityscape with track for skateboard, picnic table, wooden bench and palm trees. Playground for extreme sport activity #F382182750
Wallpaper Mural Royal crown icons collection set. Big collection crowns. Vintage vector crown. #F276096227
Wallpaper Mural Hand drawning circle line sketch set. Art design round circular scribble doodle - stock vector. #F321128347
Wallpaper Mural Water spray mist of atomizer or smoke, paint dust particles. Modern spray effect on transparent background – vector #F301647996
Wallpaper Mural Paint compositions, grunge with frame, texting boxes. Dirty design elements, quote box speech template. Black splashes isolated on white background. Vector street art template set #F347653060
Wallpaper Mural Splash banners set. Colorful paint stroke. Vector #F354934366
Wallpaper Mural Mega Set of spray paint banner. Spray paint abstract lines & drips. Vector illustration. Isolated on white background. #F249733656
Wallpaper Mural Beautiful Paintbrush Set, brush stroke, vector, template. High quality manually traced. Grunge elements for Social media and network. Ink brush stoke stencil. Rectangle text boxes. Vector texture set #F358434580
Wallpaper Mural Vector illustration of stylized grunge and cracked font. Alphabet and numbers. #F286695723
Wallpaper Mural Brush paint strokes. Texture brushes and modern grunge brush lines. Ink brush artistic design element for frame design. Vector isolated elements set. Grungy black swatches. Rough smears and stains #F303079096
Wallpaper Mural Detailed ink stencil. Grunge big collection - Overlay texture, brush strokes, brushes, lines, spray graffiti and other. Spots blotches, great elaboration. Big set dirty Silhouettes. Vector set grunge #F376809431
Wallpaper Mural Navigation pins set Vector #F381363599
Wallpaper Mural Big Collection of black paint, ink brush strokes, brushes, lines. Dirty artistic design elements. High quality manually traced. Isolated elements set. Grungy black swatches. Rough smears and stains #F368214109
Wallpaper Mural Graffiti spray lines, grunge dots, arrows and frames. Vector graffiti dot dirty, grunge ink black, splash stain and drip illustration #F371158441
Wallpaper Mural Craft label brush stroke backgrounds #F228662809
Wallpaper Mural light pink watercolor background hand-drawn with copy space for text #F315397671
Wallpaper Mural Very nice Collection of black paint, great elaboration, spray graffiti stencil template ink brush strokes, brushes, lines. Paint splats blotches. Round grunge design elements. Isolated vector set #F261848585
Wallpaper Mural pastel pink abstract vintage background or paper illustration diagonal gradient of white #F309250956
Wallpaper Mural Vector hand drawn alphabet isolated on white background. Brush painted letters. Decorative artistic font. Black letters. #F251681512
Wallpaper Mural Graffiti style font. Orange and yellow colors vector alphabet #F282668334
Wallpaper Mural Speech bubbles with text. Hand drawn trendy design elements with grunge texture and rough edges. Vector illustration doodle colourful text banners set #F298683513
Wallpaper Mural Very Nice collection of black paint, great elaboration, spray graffiti stencil template ink brush strokes, brushes, lines. Vector paint splatter blotches Round grunge design elements. Isolated set #F298755713
Wallpaper Mural Vector grungy paint brush strokes collection. Calligraphy straight smears, stamp, lines. #F358638153
Wallpaper Mural Cool music graffiti in urban style on the wall #F263249657
Wallpaper Mural Set of hand drawn pen and pencil black square. Quadrate frame sketch on white background. Continuous line art doodle vector illustration #F314353415